Condensed Milk Iced Coffee

I'm excited about this recipe, yes, an iced coffee recipe. Here is the story, I used to work in a Spanish specialty store where they sold a coffee called Cafe Bombon. It's essentially a shot of a strong espresso or coffee sweetened with condensed milk. I’m not sure which area of Spain it’s from but this coffee is such a treat, you must order it if you come across it. 

Ever since I discovered Cafe Bombon, my iced coffee have never been the same. I use strong espresso and while it’s still hot, I add the condensed milk which melts right in, I then add cardamom seeds for an extra layer of flavor, once it’s cool, whole milk is added. It’s really creamy and the cardamom perfumes the coffee beautifully, It is by far my favorite iced coffee. 

6 to 8 servings 

4 cups of very strong coffee, hot
¼ cup condensed milk (more or less, depending how sweet you like it) 
6 cardamom pots, optional 
2 cups whole milk

In a serving pitcher, add the hot coffee and mix in the condensed milk. Add the cardamom seeds and let the coffee cool. Once cooled, remove the cardamom seeds and add the whole milk. Place it in the refrigerator until really cold. Serve over ice. 


  1. I am soooo into this recipe. Looks freaking unreal!

  2. This looks so good, Najwa! I know the cardamom makes it over the top delicious.

  3. You know this reminds me of Thai iced coffee as well, funny how certain recipes span the globe. Love the addition of cardamom!

  4. Oh dear! That sounds too good to be true! I’m going to have to make one right now! (off to the kitchen)

  5. Been making this for years and it's my all time favorite.

  6. I ran out to my local Indian grocery and grabbed a package of cardamom...will make this tomorrow. Chai and iced coffee are two of my favorite things and this will almost taste like a combination of the the two. Never thought of adding cardamom to my iced coffee...YUM YUM. Thanks so much.


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